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Chilhowee Rod and Gun Club
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                                 Chilhowee Rod & Gun Club         
                              May Newsletter

  Gunshow information see www.gunshows-usa.com/tennesee.shtml


 Chilhowee Rod & Gun Club Members Meeting

            April 2020 not Held due to Covid-19

Meeting was called to order by - NA
Pledge was led by
- NA
Prayer offered by
A - NA
Secretary report
- NA
Treasurer report
- NA

Your committee chairmen will be appointed by New Club President in accordance with Club Bylaws:

o Jack Isbill - Archery Chairman
Jennifer Brooks - Clubhouse and grounds Chairman
o Tom Cockrell
- Skeet Chairman
Derek Donovan- Pistol Chairman
o Jason Qualls and Bill Cowles
- Rifle Chairmen
Ed Lane – Lake Chairman


Membership approved no meetings in April 2020 due to COVID-19. This may extent into May also. Members will be given a membership meeting credit for each month we do not have a membership meeting. This includes Directors meeting too. Stay Safe and Healthy!


       Club Leadership suspended the May 2020 Membership and Board meetings due to COVID-19 as listed above. Members will be given attendance credit for May as was done for April.


       March 2020 Membership and Board approved two changes to Club Bylaws. One that allows for 3 meetings or any combination of meetings and works days (3 of anything) to met club attendance requirements. The second one  allows  Director Meetings to be held 30-40 minutes before membership meeting on a case by case basis.  The bylaws have been revised and emails to all members.  A Special Thanks to Whiting Delk.


       The Club gate was found open and unlocked several times within last 30 days with no members using the facility. Friendly Reminder: Club gate should be closed by members upon entry and exit. Club gate may be left open for planned activities that have been approved by Club Officials and Directors. Should someone be hurt on our property we will need to prove due diligence with access to the property.


       Friendly Reminder - Shotguns are normally not allowed on Rifle Range or Pistol Ranges except as approved in bylaws or with special club permission. Additionally, members should not shoot at cans, bottles, concrete blocks etc.

      Read club range rules and display your membership cards while shooting at the range.

REMEMBER: Always be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious behavior.


   Please send newsletter information to Walt Smith at mailto:wfsmithjr@mindspring.com

Please let us know if you prefer the email form of this newsletter.  It would help save the club mailing costs and you will receive the information sooner.

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