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Chilhowee Rod and Gun Club
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September Newsletter
                              Chilhowee Rod & Gun Club         
                        September 2020 Newsletter


  Gunshow information see www.gunshows-usa.com/tennesee.shtml


Chilhowee Rod & Gun Club Members Meeting  - August 15, 2020

Meeting was called to order by – Barry Brakebill         

Pledge led by- Barry Brakebill
Prayer offered by – Barry Brakebill
Sec Report – Walt Smith - Approved
Treasurer Report – Rob Davis - Approved


Your committee chairmen will be appointed by Club President in accordance with Club Bylaws:

  •  Jack Isbill - Archery Chairman
  •  Jennifer Brooks - Clubhouse and grounds Chairman
  • Tom Cockrell - Skeet Chairman
  • Derek Donovan - Pistol Chairman
  • Jason Qualls and Bill Cowles - Rifle Chairman
  •  Ed Lane – Lake Chairman


  •     Due to COVID-19 Club will be waiving all requirements for work days.  We will still have them but will not Count against a member for not attending a work day in 2020.


  •      Membership approved the following new members:  Steven Cody Williams, Rex Coward, Terry Buckner, Eric Best, Christopher Rice, Jerry Scanlon, Alan Jones, and Jason Hill.  All will need Board Approval except Hill and Rice.


  •   Sept 25 and 26 club to host State Muzzle Load Championship shoot.


  •    Members approved single day weekly for Bryan College kids to shoot skeet.  Eric Best to work with Tom Cockrell to schedule.


  •  Members approved boy scout shoot for Saturday, October 10, from 1100 – 1500 for skeet and lower pistol range. See Jack Isbill


  • Members approved work waiver for John Jones


  • Members approved $2000.00 for purchase of Rifle Range shed improvement materials.


  •  Membership and Board approved setting up barriers to prevent cross target shooting at rifle range. Work in progress 

         Special thanks to Jason Qualls and Bill Cowles.


  •   Club gate should be closed by members upon entry and exit. Club gate may be left open for planned activities that have been approved by Club Officials and Directors. Should someone be hurt on our property we will need to prove due diligence with access to the property.


  •   Read club range rules and display your membership cards while shooting at the range.


REMEMBER: Always be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious behavior.


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